Q: Tell us about yourself!

A: A skin lover and devotee, turned esthetician. I am now 12 years deep into skin professionally after experiencing many years prior horrendous, hormonal acne. All the knowledge and cosmetic intelligence that I have gathered is why I am here to share with you all. 

Q: What do you specialize in?

A:  We specialize in skin, all of its functions and all its imbalances. However, my personal journey with acne has put me in a position where I understand acne better than anyone else and know exactly how to treat even the most severe cases without the use of chemicals and irritants. Not many can say this...no dryness, redness and sensitivity because of harsh treatments. 

We welcome all skins and all concerns...we will help you gain confidence in yourself and bring out your best skin forward. We will take years off, hydrate , exfoliate, balance, clear sun damage, get rid of inflammation, prevent aging and acne.


Alexandra Georgescu

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Q: How did you make this happen?

A: Having worked with top shelf skincare brands all throughout my career allowed me to be a great observer as to what changes we are able to deliver to the skin through certain ingredients and routines. I wasn’t happy...nothing delivered all around healthy, gorgeous skin without chemicals and irritating ingredients. I HAVE TRIED IT ALL! Which is what inspired me to create something of my own. Except I’m not a scientist ...but I do have infinite knowledge in skin and ingredients. So, then the light bulb lit up and remembered my mother is a retired nuclear physicist, who’s passion for skin has been there before mine. So, I asked her to play around with the idea. Years of reading, researching and experimenting later and we have created S.K.I.N - seek knowledge in nature. 

Q: How do you deliver flawless skin to you clientele?

A: The way we are able to do this is by cutting all chemical and filler ingredients out and replacing them with high nutrient rich ingredients. We also customize and tailor each regimen precisely for each clients unique and individual skin needs. This also allows clients with certain allergies to feel at ease , as we can create something specifically for them. We consult with each client prior to treatment and we educate them on exactly what they will use and specifically how they will use it to ensure the best results. No two skins are the same and we are not leaving anyone out.